Dar’s next mayor finally named

Dar's mayor-elect Isaya Charles. Photo: Chadema Media handout

Dar’s mayor-elect has finally been found: Isaya Mwita Charles. Photo: Chadema Media handout

After two months of political wrangling, Dar’s next mayor has finally been named: Isaya Mwita Charles.

Charles, a Chadema politician, received 84 votes on Tuesday, March 22, while his CCM opponent Yenga Yusuph Omary received 67.

This is the first time Dar’s mayoral seat has been handed to a member of the opposition.

The mayoral election had been originally scheduled for late January, and was then postponed again in February when opposition councillors accused CCM of getting Zanzibari councillors to vote in Dar’s mayoral election.

Charles has also been named ward councillor for Vijibweni in Kigamboni District.



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