10 Reasons to E-Shop

Kaymu offices in Dar es Salaam. Photo: contributed

Why shop online? Kaymu tells you why. Photo: contributed

Despite it being a new concept for some Tanzanians, E-commerce is rising fast its way into the society. Its popularity and profitability still continues to increase due to the number of Pros that comes along with online shopping hence making the consumers to opt for it instead of traditional shopping.
Here are 10 reasons to shop online and feel free to add any more in our comments sections.
1. QUE FOR WHO? : Shopping online gives you that feeling like you are the only one in the store. There is no waiting line that will delay or frustrate you.
2. LESS BULK ! : Avoid carrying tons of bags from store to store, and loading your wallet or purse with tons of receipts. Big, awkward or heavy items are delivered to your door step.
3. SEARCH EASY! : There is no need to walk around, getting sore feet finding items at the shop. With E-shopping the search engine helps you find whatever you need in a matter of seconds.
4. PRODUCT REVIEWS: You can see the ratings and authentic comments on each product awarded by other customers and make your decision to purchase the commodity.
5. HELPS YOU SAVE: Yes, you are saving a lot by shopping online. Time, Fuel money, Public transport costs, parking costs and let’s be honest a lot of Energy.
6. YOU ARE THE BOSS : No one is going to hang around you as you shop waiting for you to make your decision. Shop at your own time, when it’s convenient for you and you can take as long as you like.
7. A LOT TO AVOID: Avoid pickpockets, or chances to misplace your wallet or credit card. Bad weather outside? You can totally avoid that too and still shop all you want.
8. MORE CHOICES TO EXPLORE: More choices for you to explore that are not available at your town. You will then have access to other stores in different towns or even countries.
9. BETTER PRICES: Online shopping exposes you to cheap deals and discount prices on products without having to negotiate for them in physical stores.
10. MULTITASKING MADE EASY: You don’t have to pick between watching your favorite show on TV or getting new pants, you can do them both and it will take a fraction of time.
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