Makonda: Beggars should go home

Beggars should go back where they came from, says Dar's newly appointed Regional Commissioner Paul Makonda. Photo by Daniel Hayduk

Beggars should go back where they came from, says Dar’s newly appointed regional commissioner Paul Makonda. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Dar’s new regional commissioner, Paul Makonda, spoke out about the increasing number of beggars on city streets on Thursday (April 14.)

“Most of these beggars are not originally from Dar. They should go back to where they are from and look for proper ways of earning a living,” says Makonda.

Seniors and those unable to work due to disabilities should seek care from designated facilities, he says.

Anyone planning to come to Dar should have a clear plan of what they’ll be doing to support themselves, says Makonda.

Makonda, formerly the Kinondoni district commissioner, has spoken out about improving security and sanitation since being appointed as Dar es Salaam regional commissioner in March.

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