1.8 tonnes of trash cleaned from Coco Beach

Hundreds of people gathered on International Costal Cleanup day at Coco beach. Photo: Andrew Perkin

Hundreds of people gathered at Coco beach on International Coastal Cleanup Day last Saturday. Photo: Andrew Perkin

How long does it take to pick up 1.8 tonnes of trash?

Hundreds of people, young and old, tidied up Coco Beach in just two hours on International Coastal Cleanup Day, September 17.

And in those two hours 1,848 kilograms of trash was collected from along the a 782 meter stretch of beach.

Among the most collected items were plastic food wrappers, plastic bags, plastic bottle caps and cardboard, as well as thousands of tiny pieces of foam.

Tanzania is expected to ban plastic bags in early 2017.

The event was organised by Nipe Fagio, who will be hosting another cleanup on the opposite side of the bay at Msasani Beach on Saturday, September 24.

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