Gallery: a day at the races

Photo: Daniel Hayduk

A day at the races. The goat races, that is. Dar’s premier charity event hopes to raise over 150 million TSH ($70,000 USD) this year.  Photo: Daniel Hayduk

The fate of eight charities and their work lies in the hooves of 70 goats.

That may be a bit dramatic, but for the 16th year, the Dar es Salaam Charity Goat Races has provided invaluable financial support for local charities.

But why goats? Horses are just hard to come by in Dar, says event co-chair Rachel Carlin.

“I often question our sanity …but when we see the great fun people have down here [and] more importantly the projects we’ve been able to help, it makes it all worthwhile,” says Carlin.

“We like to support smaller charities that have a hard time getting funding from the bigger organizations.”

This year, Carlin says Dar’s premier charity event hopes to surpass the 150 million TSH (nearly $70,000 USD) raised in 2015.

In the past 16 years the goat races have raised over one billion TSH ($500,000 USD) for charities.

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