Gallery: Americans tune into debate

A small group of Americans living in Dar gathered early — really early — on Tuesday morning to watch the first presidential debate live.

The debate between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took place at 04:00 local time on September 27 and was streamed at the International School of Tanganyika.

“There are more than 3 million Americans living overseas, yet fewer than 11 percent of that population that can vote does vote,” says student Benjamin Hotchner, who arranged the event.

“Although there are numerous factors, studies suggest this is because lack of knowledge about the process, and the difficulty of going through the process itself.”

Hotchner, who is voting for the first time, says the experience of voting abroad is different from what he imagined.

“It’s not the same as, on election day, going to a police station, or the nearby local school. It involves printing out numerous documents, signing them, and scanning them to be sent back. It wasn’t an easy process, but being able to mark my ballot was worth any amount of hardship.”

The American presidential election takes place on November 8.

Americans living abroad can learn how to vote here.

Editor’s note: Updated at 18:20 to include comments by Benjamin Hotchner.

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