Sports fans: keep up to date without a smartphone

CrowdScores will be available on the ONEm platform on the Smart network in the coming weeks. Photo: ONEm

CrowdScores will be available on the ONEm platform on the Smart network in the coming weeks. Photo: ONEm

CrowdScores joins the ONEm platform community of forward-thinking services with the objective of enabling millions of football fans to access and contribute to live football scores and interact with other fans. Previously only en

joyed by smartphone users, the partnership means CrowdScores is now available for all users even those with the most basic feature phones. This means greater inclusivity and more people will be able to enjoy interactive football services whenever and wherever they are regardless of their access to WiFi/ data.

The service is available for users through their mobile operator. Users will receive a menu-driven list from which they can select the Football Frenzy option. The user interacts with the ONEm platform to access content and interact with other football fans from across the world. The user will also be rewarded for contributing to live football information, including scores and major events.

ONEm is continuously welcoming services and content providers from around the world. As a result, the ONEm ecosystem is constantly evolving and more services are being added all the time. Other ONEm services include access to Wikipedia content, news content, weather updates, and the ability to translate text. This is all possible without the internet and is accessed through the SMS and audio functions universal to all mobile phones.

The team up between CrowdScores and ONEm helps more football fans to connect with each other and keep updated with live commentary on football matches from around the world, it will dramatically increase the number of people who can enjoy interactive and exciting content as well as enable them to create groups with their friends and chat about their teams.

CrowdScores CEO, David Walker commented “With the help of ONEm’s technology, we are excited to provide live football scores to new territories around the World. Our aim at CrowdScores is to have more comprehensive and more accurate sports data than any established organisation and this partnership is a major development in helping us to do this.”

ONEm CEO, Christopher Richardson stated, “We are very pleased to take part in providing accurate footballing sports data in partnership with CrowdScores to the millions of fans who would benefit from this amazing service. There will no doubt be more news regarding this relationship as ONEm expands reaching more football enthusiasts around the globe.”

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