Gallery: 2 tonnes of trash collected at Selander

Two tonnes of trash were hauled out of the protected Msimbazi mangrove forest at Selander Bridge. Photo illustration: Nipe Fagio

A group of university students decided to clean the protected mangrove forest at Selander Bridge and you won’t believe how clean it looks now.

The 100 volunteers, mostly from the the University Nursing Student’s Association of Tanzania (Unsata) at the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences, collected over 232 bags of trash weighing over two tonnes on Saturday, March 25.

What was in those bags?

“Flip flops and plastic bags made up over 50 percent,” says Carlos Mdemu of public advocacy group Nipe Fagio.

Bottle caps, glass and plastic bottles, as well as medical waste like syringes and condoms were also cleaned up.

Most of the items found appeared to have been carried into the protected area by drainage and the Msimbazi river: which means the next time it rains, there will still be more to clean up.

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