No cash, no problem

A week ago, Jones Mrusha embarked on his cashless adventure to see if he could survive for one month using only cashless means of payment.

As all great adventures should, it started unexpectedly: late to work with an empty gas tank.

But all week long, Mrusha has been able to make his purchases — from groceries to sending a donation to a friend in Kenya — completely cashless.

Even traffic violations can be paid using mobile money, albeit with some frustration as to the what reference number to use.

How is he doing it? Mobile money accounts, a Selcom Card, an Access Bank card and Mimosa Concierge card for Visa payments.

One of the biggest complaints so far? Receipts!

Now that there’s no cash cluttering up his wallet, he’s noticed how many paper receipts we receive.

Are they really necessary?

We are all still wondering, however, if that street boy got his M-Pesa account.

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