Crafty way for children with cancer to pay bills

Crafts made by children and their parents at the Muhimbili cancer ward. The project is the idea of 16-year-old student Alqaim Lalani. Photo: contributed

Children (and their parents) in the cancer ward at Muhimbili Hospital are making arts and crafts to raising funds for themselves and other cancer patients in need of financial assistance.

The social entrepreneurship project is the idea of Alqaim Lalani, a 16-year-old student at the International School of Tanganyika, who volunteers at the children’s cancer ward.

“I noticed that the children recovering from cancer had a special interest in crafts and were particularly skilled in the making of handbags, pouches and other accessories. It also occurred to me that the parents of these children were struggling to pay for the chemotherapy treatment they needed to survive,” says Lalani.

Lalani bought some fabric and supplies, and started marketing the finished products in the community, with all proceeds returning back to the project.

“This initiative began two years ago and has since been able to finance chemotherapy treatment for some children at the Muhimbili Hospital. By December, it is expected that the insurance of nearly 25 children will be covered.”

Lalani says his goal is to scale up the project in order to help other children across East Africa suffering from cancer through means of social entrepreneurship.

Looking for a re-usable shopping bag, Christmas present or want to know more? Get in touch with Alqaim at alqaim.lalani(at)akamom(dot)org or by phone 0763 700 800.

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