Warehouse collapse claims 3 lives

A sniffer dog at the scene of the collapse.  Photo: contributed

A sniffer dog at the scene of the collapse, which claimed three lives. Photo: Faheem Manji

Two workers at a warehouse off Pugu (Nyerere) road narrowly escaped death when the mezzanine floor of a warehouse they were loading reportedly gave way under a heavy load.

Three other workers were found dead after an extensive rescue operation at the warehouse located near Quality Centre Mall.

“Everything happened all at once… all of a sudden everything fell,” says Faheem Manji, who assisted in the rescue operation.

“Five people were reported to be missing and assumed to be buried under the sesame seeds sacks and rubble,” says Manji, a member of the community based Suraksha team.

The first victim was rescued within the hour and the second was rescued at around 04:00 Wednesday.

Both were rushed to hospital.

The bodies of two more workers were recovered by sunrise Wednesday.

After a day of clearing rubble, in “hand to hand with full support with our brothers with the help of sniffing dogs… at 02:37 Thursday we managed to get the last and final person who had been found dead,” says Manji.

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