What’s the rainy season forecast?

A youth sits in Jangwani as floodwaters decrease in May 2015.

A youth sits in Jangwani as floodwaters decrease at the end of the long rainy season in May 2015. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

The upcoming rainy season is expected to deliver ‘normal to above normal’ amounts of rains to Dar es Salaam.

“Short periods of heavy rainfall may cause excessive surface runoff and elevate flood risks during the season,” says Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) director general Agnes Kijazi.

“Outbreak of water borne diseases due to pollution of water sources, water shortage and poor sewage management are likely to occur,” says Kijazi.

Kijazi says the ‘short’ rainy season which traditionally lasts from October to December is expected to arrive in Dar during the fourth week of September.

Continued enhanced warming over Central eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean indicates the presence of El Nino, which is likely to persist throughout the rainy season, says Kijazi.

Southern Tanzania is expected to receive below average rainfall and an early start to the rainy season is expected in the Lake Victoria basin and parts of the northern coast.

Rainfall in Dar over the ‘long’ rainy season from March to May 2015 was listed ‘normal.’

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