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Kahama miners. Photo: contributed

Hundreds are flocking to see the Kahama miners who are back from the dead. Photo: contributed

Hundreds of relatives, friends and onlookers are flocking to Kahama District Hospital to catch a glimpse of five miners who are back from the dead.

“I was presumed dead,” says Gerard Msafiri, one of five miners who were rescued on November 15, after being trapped in an artisanal mine for 41 days.

Another miner, Joseph Burule, 44, says his family held a funeral for him and his wife has already moved back to her hometown.

The men, who survived by eating bugs, frogs and roots, are all in stable condition and receiving physiotherapy, nutritional and psychological treatment.

Presumed dead, all their belongings have all been given away as inheritance, says Msafiri, appealing for donations to help them ‘start a new life.’

Msafiri says the rescue was a miracle from God, but “I can’t go to my brother and ask him to bring back the shoes he got as inheritance.”

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