Let the cleaning begin

Street cleanup in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on December 8. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

Street cleanup on Sam Nujoma Road on December 8. Photo: Daniel Hayduk

It was an unusually cheerful atmosphere on Sam Nujoma Road on Tuesday afternoon as dozens of employees from various companies took time off from work to clean up their street.

“We started this cleanup campaign sometime back … and now it has been reinforced by our president” says Nabaki Afrika’s Joseph Massae as passing motorists honked and shouted President John Magufuli’s trademark slogan ‘hapa kazi tu’ (here to work.)

Massae says the company has provided a recycling drop off point for the neighbourhood to use.

“We have decided to join together to clean up Sam Nujoma Road to keep our city clean and healthy.”

Magufuli cancelled Independence celebrations saying it is a shame that Tanzania is still struggling with basic hygiene related diseases like Cholera over 50 years after gaining independence.

Tanzania’s Chief Secretary, Ombeni Sefue, says that while December 9 is a holiday it should not be taken as a day of rest.

If people have important work to do at their office they should go to work as usual but otherwise people should clean the areas where they live or work, says Sefue.

Not sure where to clean on December 9? There will be an all day cleanup at Coco Beach starting at at 08:00 and another cleanup at Msasani Beach from 08:30 to 11:00.


If you want to invite others to clean your street:

Cleanup invitation – English

Cleanup invitation – Swahili

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  1. To clean is good but not burning the garbage that leads to cancer. I pasted link to the article where it’s written.

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